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Axiom Cycling Gear Featured in Circular Ocean Report on Recycled Fishing Net Products

Friday, February 9th, 2018 at 08:04 AM

The Circular Ocean project seeks to inspire enterprises and entrepreneurs to realize the hidden opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes. As levels of marine litter increase, the Circular Ocean project acts as a catalyst to motivate and empower remote communities to develop sustainable and green business opportunities that will enhance income generation and retention within local regions. Through transnational collaboration and eco-innovation, Circular Ocean develops and shares new sustainable solutions to incentivize the collection and reprocessing of discarded fishing nets and assist the movement towards a more circular economy.

Circular Ocean recently published a report citing the impact that Axiom Cycling Gear’s Oceanweave fabric has had on the cycling industry. The report details the collection and processing steps of Oceanweave fabric production, and makes a note of Axiom’s partnership with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.

Axiom Oceanweave products are produced from recycled fishing net, designed to be tough, dependable, and long-lasting, while reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans. These bags are the world’s only cycling bags to be made out of recycled fishing nets, and we hope that Oceanweave will inspire others to become a part of a solution to this environmental crisis.

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