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Bikerumor on Fender Mounting Options

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 at 02:56 PM

Affixing fenders to your bike isn’t always an easy process. With the plethora of axle standards available on todays road, commuter and mountain bikes, ensuring that a set of fenders fit your bike hasn’t always been guaranteed. That’s why we designed the AXLE-RUNNER, DISC-RUNNER and FRAME-RUNNER fender mounts, to ensure that every rider can use their bike in the widest range of conditions possible.

The ‘Runner’ series of fender mounts provides three different mounting options to fit the widest possible range of bikes, from dedicated commuter platforms with traditional eyelets, to disc-brake and thru-axle equipped adventure bikes.



AXLE-RUNNER mounts are forged aluminum tabs that affix to the bikes quick-release axle, providing a secure threaded eyelet for fender installation.



DISC-RUNNER mounts extend from traditional eyelets to accommodate the wider, bulkier shape of disc brakes




FRAME-RUNNER mounts attach to the fork legs and seat stays of thru-axle equipped bikes, to allow a secure and wobble-free hard-mounting point for full-coverage fenders, ensuring that the new breed of gravel riders can adventure in comfort.



The folks at Bikerumor magazine love the simplicity and efficiency of Axiom fender mount designs, and go into great detail about the many uses of Axiom fenders in this article.

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