The Oceanweave Solution

A wave of positive change: Abandoned fishing nets make up ten percent of all ocean pollution, and are a major threat to marine life including turtles, fish, seabirds, seals, and whales. At Axiom, we are committed to sustainability and take pride in sourcing environmentally sound materials, such as these recycled fishing nets, to create our products. Every bag in the Seymour series uses a new fabric which we call Oceanweave, that contributes to reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans. These bags are the world’s only cycling bags to be made out of recycled fishing nets. We hope this product will inspire others to become a part of a solution to this environmental crisis. Together we can make a difference.

Axiom Cycling Gear is an official partner of The Global Ghost Gear Initiative. The GGGI is the first initiative dedicated to tackling the problem of abandoned fishing gear at a global scale.
Learn more about The Global Ghost Gear Initiative

The Oceanweave Advantage

  1. Lightweight and Durable: Oceanweave retains the same durability and performance as new material, so riders don’t have to choose between eco-friendly and high quality.
  2. Eco-friendly: Removing and recycling discarded fishing nets from the ocean protects marine ecosystems and reduces CO2 emissions
  3. Safe: The recycling process removes all measurable traces of heavy metals, harsh dyes and other volatile compounds that would otherwise leach into the ocean.

Process for extracting nets and repurposing

  1. Collection of the Discarded Fishing Nets from the Ocean
  2. Breaking Down of these Nets into their Individual Components, removal of all heavy metals, harsh dies and VOCs
  3. Regeneration into a polyester yarn that has exactly the same performance and quality of new material
  4. Oceanweave fabric is created and turned into Axiom Cycling Gear bags
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