Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Will your product fit on my bicycle?
A. There are so many variations on the design of bicycles that it is very difficult to assess and recommend a product that will fit your bicycle through email. Your best resource is your local Axiom dealer who will be able to help you select the right rack, bags, or accessories for your bike and your needs. And they can help you install your new gear properly.
Q. There were no instructions included with my product, would you be able to send me a copy?
A. For all of our products we recommend dealer installation. Because there may be some minor modifications necessary so that the gear will fit some bicycles it is important that the product is installed by a professional. If you still want to do it yourself you can download instructions on the Manuals page under the Solve a problem tab or by following this link.
Q. I bought your gear and it was missing the hardware to install it properly, can you send me the parts I am missing?
A. To get the hardware you need talk to the dealer you purchased your product from, they will be able to replace your product or offer you the correct hardware to mount your new product.
Q. Where can I find spare parts for Axiom products?
A. We design all of our gear with replaceable parts where possible because we believe that the greenest product is one you never throw away. For spare parts see the local Axiom dealer you purchased your product from. If they do not stock a part they can order it through their shop or distributor.
Q. I have a warranty problem what should I do?
A. If ever you have a warranty problem with one of our products; take the product in to the local Axiom dealer you purchased your product from. They will assess your claim and help you repair or replace any Axiom product that is deemed to be defective. For more information visit our warranty page or your local Axiom dealer.
Q. Where can I purchase Axiom product?
A. Good question. We have a dedicated network of dealers and distributors that help us get product to you. To find a dealer or distributor in your area go to our Find a Dealer/ Distributor page. If you can't find one in your area it is because we currently don't have one, rest assured we're working on changing that.
Q. Do you have any stickers or posters you can send me?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have any stickers or posters to send out to people.
Q. How does the Posi-Lock system work?
A. You can download a PDF instruction manual for the Posi-Lock system by clicking here, or by visiting our manuals page under the Solve a Problem tab.
Q. I am a dealer and I need find a replacement part, what should I do?
A. If you are in Canada consult our Canadian distributor Live to Play Sports. If you are in the US or overseas then please consult your distributor. If they do not have what you are looking for in stock they can order it.
Q. I am interested in distributing your product, you don't have an Axiom distributor in my area what is the next step?
A. Great to hear that you want to distribute Axiom products. Please visit our contact us section and submit your query through there. It will go to our distribution manager who will be in contact with you shortly.
Q. I couldn't find a dealer near to me, where can I buy Axiom gear online?
A. We're glad that you are considering purchasing Axiom products. Unfortunately, we don't sell our products online, for two reasons. The first is that for all of our gear we recommend dealer installation to ensure that it is installed safely and properly. The second is because we believe that our dealers provide and essential service to our consumers, a service that is lacking with online sales.
Q. I have installed my new rack but it still doesn't seem to fit properly. What should I do?
A. Take your bike and your rack into the local Axiom dealer you purchased it from; they will be able to help you install your rack properly.
Q. Which rack will fit my bicycle?
A. Thank you for your interest in Axiom products. Your best bet is to go and visit your local Axiom dealer, they will be able to help you find the right pannier for your needs and ensure that it will fit with your rack and bicycle.
Q. Is it possible to purchase the longer stays that come on the Streamliner Road rack separately?
A. Unfortunately we do not sell these longer stays separately. They are specifically designed for the Streamliner Road and Streamliner Road DLX racks and are not compatible with racks from other manufacturers or other racks in our line.
Q. I have a Streamliner Sport Tour rack. Can I get the longer stays of the Streamliner road for this rack?
A. The Sport tour mounting feet use a different tooling than the Streamliner Road and Road DLX so the feet are not interchangeable.
Q. I purchased one of your pumps and the gauge doesn't read the tire pressure accurately. How can I fix this?
A. First make sure that you are properly using the pump by ensuring that the head is firmly pushed all the way down on the valve. If the gauge is still not reading pressure properly take it into the dealer you purchased your pump from so they can properly assess the problem. If they deem it to be a warranty problem your pump will be replaced.
If it is a mini pump, it can probably be repaired by calibrating the included bolt.
Q. The gauge on my pump is broken. Is this covered under warranty?
A. This is something that the dealer you purchased your pump from must assess. If it the gauge is broken as a result of manufacturers defect it will be replaced.
Q. How do I properly close my new waterproof bag?
A. The waterproof bag uses a traditional dry bag closure. Once you pack the bag roll the top of the bag downwards and secure the two plastic clips and the Velcro to hold the closure in place. Then close the top flap.
Q. I have purchased your QR Urban Basket and it won't fit on my rack, what should I do?
A. If you are having trouble with the two lower u-shaped pieces on the bottom of the basket interfering with installation of the basket the quickest solution is to bend one of the pieces to a 45 degree angle. Or you can remove one of the pieces all together. Because not all racks are constructed in the same way there may be minor modification necessary to for the basket to fit.
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