Full-Coverage Fenders

No eyelets? No problem! Premium full coverage fenders that offer a fitting solution for almost any bike! Compatible with most road and mountain bikes - with or without disc brakes, suspension forks or thru-axles.

“…Reflective stripe is bright and effective. There is little not to like”
— Road.cc
“Beautifully executed and relatively easy to install”
— Road.cc

The Axiom Fender Advantage

  1. Axlerunner hardware: Proprietary, patent-pending mounting hardware makes it easy to mount fenders to the quick-release skewer and ‘create’ eyelets on bikes lacking them.
  2. Framerunner hardware: Proprietary, patent-pending mounting hardware that doesn’t rely on quick-release skewers. Adaptable permanent or removable fender solution which allows fenders to easily mount to bikes with thru-axles.
  3. 3M Reflex side panels offer 360 degrees of nighttime visibility: Highly reflective panels run the length of each fender on either side.
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