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Product Breakdown: Dominate Air hand pumps

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 03:47 PM

Dominate Air Pro GaugeFor most cyclists bicycle pumps are an afterthought, that is until they really need one. Most of their lives the bicycle pump remains unnoticed sitting in garages,  forgotten in backpacks, resting in seat bags or clipped to bicycle frames but when a cyclist finds themselves in a time of need, that pump had better perform. For that five minutes when you change your tube and pump up your tire the pump is its place of glory.  As an ode to the trusty hand pump, I thought I’d do a product breakdown of our most popular line of pumps the Dominate Air.

Here is what makes these pumps so good:

Aluminum barrels made from 6063 aluminum instead of 6061. Though 6061 is better if you are planning on welding it, like on a bicycle frame, these pumps are not welded so for greater strength and resistance to denting we used 6063.

Virgin plastics are used throughout the pumps for more accurate molding . Not to worry though we are not environment harlequins; recycled plastics present a multitude of quality control issues when it comes to seals and tolerances which means you end up with a broken or non functioning pump. And because the greenest product is one you don’t have to throw away, we chose plastics of the highest quality so you can keep your pump for ever, or close to it.

The locking levers, valve covers and pump shafts, try not to laugh, are made from Nickle Plated alloy. These are key areas where pumps tend to fail so to ensure that this was not an issue we made them as durable as possible.

The threads that attach the shaft to the main body are up to three times longer than normal.  People tend to get a little over excited when they are pumping up a tire and can strip threads, causing an embarrassing malfunction. More threads equal less stripping.

Finally, we got rid of the thumblock pins and added metal pins to our ergonomically designed handle for an extra kick of strength and reliability. Also almost all parts of the pumps are replaceable and available through dealers so that you never have to throw your pump out if you accidentally loose a piece while you were playing with your pump, trust me it happens more than you would think.

There you have it a detailed break down of the unsung hero of the flat tire. Next time you pump up a tire remember that a lot of thought went into creating that pump so you could just pump up your tire and go for a ride.

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