Hand Pumps

Aperçu dans la rubrique Fresh Goods de Decline : la pompe à pied Exterminateair HV d’Axiom

avril 16th, 2014

Dans un article publié ce mois-ci, le magazine Decline met de la pression sur la pompe Exterminateair HV pour voir si elle affiche une bonne performance! Dans son style direct habituel, Decline admet que l’Exterminateair gonflera vos pneus pour que vous regagniez le sentier en un rien de temps et sans trop d’efforts! Consultez l’article […]

Propelair, Enforceair, and Kompressair bicycle pumps in Australia

mars 19th, 2013

Australia’s top cycling magazines Bicycling and Bicycling Trade think Axiom Performance Gear’s floor, hand, and mini pumps are « essential stuff »: « Axiom for some time have been a leader in bike accessories, including bags, fenders, gloves and pumps and they now have a new distributor in Australia. Shown here is a small part of their pump […]

Product Breakdown: Dominate Air hand pumps

avril 27th, 2010

For most cyclists bicycle pumps are an afterthought, that is until they really need one. Most of their lives the bicycle pump remains unnoticed sitting in garages,  forgotten in backpacks, resting in seat bags or clipped to bicycle frames but when a cyclist finds themselves in a time of need, that pump had better perform. […]