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Industry Outsider Reviews Axiom Tempest Hydracore Panniers

Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 08:31 AM

Tempest Hydracore P27, pannier, Axiom

Axiom’s Tempest series is a premium solution for committed all-weather riders who want supremely functional bags they can trust to keep their contents dry and protected in all conditions. We recently sent a set of Tempest Hydradore P27 panniers to Industry Outsider for review.

From Industry Outsider:

Mounting them is easy, thanks to the Rixen & Kaul® MODUL-RAIL system. Just slide them on, and lock them in place. You’ll have no worries about shifting or slipping. When it’s time to remove them, they come off just as easily, but only when you want them to. 

Everything stays dry with the simple roll top closure. To fasten, simply roll it over, and buckle it at either side. If water gets in, you’re probably at the bottom of a pool or lake. That’s the only way it would get past the HYDRACORE inner liner. 

Most of the other panniers I have used have been lighter, and with less structure. But the Tempest Hydracore P27 gave me the confidence to carry my expensive camera and lenses. This opened up a whole new world while fat biking.

For more, read the full review on the Industry Outsider blog.

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