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Canadian Cycling Explores the History and Future of Oceanweave

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 03:45 PM


Here at Axiom, we are proud of our one-of-a-kind Oceanweave fabric, but know that our responsibility to future generations, and to the environment, doesn’t stop there. Oceanweave fabric, made from 100% recycled fishing net collected from oceans around the world, has opened many doors for us. It serves, most notably, as a proof-of-concept; that a product doesn’t have to sacrifice quality, lifespan, or price to be sustainable. It has also proved that these goals resonate with the cycling community, and that there is a demand for more. Modern cyclists are a conscientious bunch, and minimizing environmental impact is high on a lot of lists. Finally, all our efforts in bringing Oceanweave to market have shown us that this is the way forward, not just for us, but for the cycling industry as a whole. Less waste, more recycled materials, longer product lifespans, these aspects will soon become the norm, and not a moment too soon!


Fishing nets washed up on shore near our facility on the southern coast of British Columbia.



Canadian Cycling Magazine recently visited our headquarters just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, to delve deeper into the story of Oceanweave. Through a tour of our facility, and a discussion with Andrew Belson, Product Manager for Axiom and powerhouse behind  Oceanweave, we shared the story behind the brand, and our role in the industry-wide push towards sustainability. You can read the entire story on their website.




With a broad perspective, as only a mainstream cycling publication can afford, Canadian Cycling asked us not only about the inspirations and goals around sustainable cycling products, but their scaleability, scope, and economic viability. As many have discovered before us, a design like Oceanweave must be profitable throughout the entirety of it’s production, or run the risk of exchanging environmental problems for social ones.

“The reclamation process itself is close enough to the cost of producing new material that the fabric factory was willing to invest in the changes needed to produce Oceanweave.”
-Terry McCall, Canadian Cycling

The history of Oceanweave is a heartening story of success, but we don’t plan to rest on our laurels! With the success of the venture thus far, the future holds a huge amount of promise for us, and the cycling industry as a whole. Recycled products are here to stay, and we are proud to be leading the charge.

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