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Bicycle Times Reviews the Cartier Trunk EXP19+

Monday, December 18th, 2017 at 02:36 PM

The Cartier Trunk EXP19+ bag is an expandable trunk bag and pannier bag combo that combines the compact size of a trunk bag with the larger carrying capacity of a mini-pannier setup. Perfect for adventurers looking to carry a small amount of gear on single-day rides, or for commuters who may need a little extra carrying capacity. We sent a Cartier Trunk EXP19+ to the folks at Bicycle Times, who loved how durable, functional and economical it is.

From Bicycle Times:

“The Cartier is a well-thought-out trunk bag for those who don’t want or need a full pannier set.”

“For commuting, a day on the rails-to-trails or some light errand running, this rear trunk bag could be a nice addition to your adventures.”

For more, read the full review on the Bicycle Times blog.

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