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Best in Test! Axiom Rushair wins against 8 mini bike pumps

Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 11:54 AM

The UK’s Outdoor Fitness magazine compared 8 bike pumps head-to-head to test which bike pump “gets you back on the road the quickest.” The Best On Test? The Rushair HVL hand pump by Axiom Performance Gear.

La mini-pompe de vélo Rushair d’Axiom « élue la meilleure »

Le magazine britannique Outdoor Fitness a récemment comparé huit pompes pour trouver celle qui permettait de « reprendre la route plus rapidement que les autres ». Qui a remporté la victoire? La mini-pompe Rushair HVL d’Axiom Performance Gear. — Lire plus en français.

8 mini bike pumps (including Topeak, Zefal, Blackburn, BBB, Bikehut, Truflo, Airace, Axiom) compared on weight, length, time to 80psi, number of pumps.

Reviewers tested Axiom against pumps by Zefal, Blackburn, Topeak, and others and found that the Axiom Rushair pumped up to 80psi in less strokes and in less time.

Rushair mini bike pumps, by Axiom Performance Gear:

  • Rushair HVL (high-volume, long): 129g, 110psi – $35*
  • Rushair HVS (high-volume, short): 112g, 110psi – $35*
  • Rushair HPL (high-pressure, long): 99g, 150psi – $35*
  • Rushair HPS (high-pressure, short): 82g, 150psi – $35*

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail price, CAD and USD currency.

Browse additional floor and mini pumps for bikes at Axiom pumps are available from selected bike shops and sport dealers around the world. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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