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Axiom pumps are engineered to be exceptionally fast and reliable.
Made with premium quality aluminum and composite materials, these pumps are designed with a specific use or end user in mind. from efficiency-minded bike shop mechanics to weight-obsessed roadies. Lock-on valves deliver confident, no-hassle inflation every time. Unique handgrips ensure no slipping in even the wettest conditions. Extra-wide bases prevent toppling. Axiom pumps work so well that you'll likely forget about yours – until it saves your butt.
Products Technology Guarantee
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One head, two valves: the Headrush instantly fits either Presta or Schrader valves with the flip of a switch. The DLX version includes a bleed valve for use with tubeless tires.
Premium quality materials offer superior long-term performance and durability and are less susceptible to damage caused by impacts or scratches.
Pump mechanisms and gauges can be fully disassembled for servicing, ensuring long-term precision and performance.
Tip Flip
CNC-machined locking lever, built into the pump head, stays out of the way of spokes and locks onto valves for confident, hassle-free inflation.
Axiom floor pumps feature oversized Axiom logo bases that deliver maximum stability and pump control.
Touch Points
Axiom pumps are designed with exceptionally grippy touch points, enabling the user to harness the pump's full inflation potential.
Floor Pump: Pedal pins enhance traction and style.
Mini Pump: Knurled, grooved grip points for no-slip grip – even in the wet.
Alloy Valve Caps
All Axiom pumps feature alloy valve caps for improved durability, reliability and performance.
Lifetime Guarantee
Axiom products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If a product is determined to be defective by the original Axiom dealer who sold the product, it will be replaced at no charge with original proof of purchase.
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