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Product Profile: 2011 Axiom Panniers and Bags

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 at 02:45 PM

You may have heard some rumors and mumblings floating around the interweb claiming that Axiom is updating its bag line for 2011. Well, it’s true, we have taken tried and tested pannier, trunk, seat and bar bags and upped their game to what we think is the next level. Here is a quick review of what we did and why.

The goal was to keep everything that had made our bags so popular to begin with (quality, replaceable hardware, lifetime warranty) and add new functionality and features while refining some of the things that were not so popular. We looked at all of the feedback we had received from consumers, dealers and distributors and used that as a starting point. There were three major focuses for the 2011 product and a bunch of smaller changes as well.

The three key points are the shape, mounting system and fabrics.


Our product developers used 3D modeling to integrate an aerodynamic shape into our bags. We kept similar volumes while creating bags that produce less drag and keep weight closer to the center of your bicycle which improves performance when riding with panniers. We call it “Streamliner” -get it? –  because it streamlines the bag and it integrates well with our super-slim Streamliner racks.

Mounting System

Our old system worked really well; it was simple, minimalistic and functional, but not everyone was a fan. For 2011 you will find that our panniers feature a new hybrid system that uses our tried and true “Tie-Down” heavy duty bungee and combines it with Rixen & Kaul Vario hooks and Flip locks to offer simplistic, reliable mounting. And because we still believe that the greenest product is one you don’t throw away, we made sure that all of the hardware in our system is secured with bolts instead of rivets so that it is replaceable.


In our quest to use ethically sourced materials in our equipment, we continue to build our bags with premium South Korean fabrics. These fabrics exceed the most stringent environmental standards around. They are also free of and heavy metals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are known to cause cancer and respiratory illness in humans. This means that our bags are better for everybody that comes in contact with them: from manufacturer to dealer and end consumer as well.  This may sound odd, but go ahead and smell our bags; you’ll notice they don’t really have a smell, because they don’t use harsh chemicals or dyes while making them. Good for you, good for the environment and good for cycling.

What else?

Besides the big stuff we busied ourselves with fixing any little sniggles that had people talking as well. Things like shortening the straps so they don’t flap around, adding new storage solutions so you carry more stuff and refining the look of our bags to add aesthetic feel to the function.

The new bags are definitely a step forward for Axiom. But I suppose in the end you will have to be the judge of that when they come out in 2011. I do know that a lot of time and attention to detail was put into creating these bags so hopefully you will like them as much as we do.


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