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The Annihilateair G200LE Reviewed by Vital MTB: “The Monster Truck of Floor Pumps”!

Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 04:23 PM

The brand new Annihilateair G200LE floor pump has a look and feel that mountain bikers will appreciate. The Lockdown MTB grips and Clampdown handle provide a super confident handhold – even when wet. And both parts are replaceable, so it’s easy to swap in your favourite handlebar and grips for a custom look. The pump’s super stable base is adorned with pedal pins like those found on flat MTB pedals so you’re getting stability and grip down below, too.


With that said, we recognize that Mountain bikers tend to be a little harder on their equipment than most. That’s why we were thrilled to send a G200LE down to the dirt-loving folks at Vital MTB. If anyone can put a pump through its paces, it’s these guys. We were even more excited when they sent us word that the Annihilateair G200LE scored a 4 out of 5 in their long-term test and review. Cooler still, they called it “the monster truck of floor pumps.” Awesome!

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