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Product Profile: Axiom’s 2011 mini-tools

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 11:47 AM

The cat is now out of the proverbial bag. I’m not sure why we had a cat in bag to begin with but rest assured no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. By now you may have seen a couple of previews of our new mini tools floating around the web. I thought what better time than to give you an in depth look at what we are up to in the world of tools that are indeed mini and some that could be considered micro.

If you are like most cyclists, then sooner or later you will end up in a situation where you need a mini-tool and don’t have one. Usually this is the turning point that sets people on the hunt to find the perfect tool in an effort to avoid reliving this common rite of passage. In an attempt to help people on their quest we have been working hard to create better tools that will help cyclists get out of routinely sticky situation; like having a bottle of wine and no way of opening it. Okay, this situation may not be routine for everyone but it is just one more thing we thought of helping you with just in case. But I am getting ahead of myself; I’ll fill you in on what makes our tools so special to start.

Strength and Precision

Made from the same grade of chrome vanadium steel used in professional shop tools, the bits in our tools are uber strong –somewhat akin to harnessing the strength of superman and using it in a tool, though less difficult. To avoid unwanted stripping, of our bits, we ensure they are incredibly precise by CNC machining each piece to exact specifications. This precision also ensures that they stay tight and rotate smoothly. It makes for a good tool that will last a lifetime.

The little things

Offset profile plates, hourglass chain tool and metal tire levers, oh my. If you were to take all of these things and put them together into one package, something only someone with a brain would do, you would be ready for almost any adventure, so long as you had the courage and heart to complete it. The offset plates allow us to put more tools in a thinner package. The chain tool works on any chain and includes universal spoke wrenches. Finally the metal tire lever is built right into the tool so you always have it. These seemingly little additions help create a tool that will get any mechanical “flying monkey” off your back.

Style and durability – it’s in the finish

As I found out from our product developer not all chrome is created equally. There are good chromes and there are so-so chromes and then there are even abysmal chromes that chip and flake. Because bad chrome is, well, bad we used what some would call the best chrome around and then we added an extra layer of shiny goodness. It is perhaps true that I overused the word “chrome” in this paragraph but I think it was effective none the less.

That something extra

Our Corker tools march to a different beat: the drum of an older time, where brass and wood adorned items of fine quality. You will notice their look first; strong attention to detail including antiqued rosewood sides and brass plated bits. But what really helps them stand apart is their corkscrew –hence the name. For years mini-tools have provided openers for beer, but have neglected those that enjoy the connoisseurs of crushed grapes. We have finally righted this most grievous of oversights, because we believe that all cyclists should be able to access their beverage of choice.
There you have it; an overview of our cat, out of the bag and on web so that next time you have a mechanical problem or a bottle of wine in need of a corkscrew you will know that somebody has thought of you and your situation and made a tool to get you out of it. The rise of the mini-tool, has been slow and steady but we think they are finally ready to take their place on every ride you go on, because these tools are special.

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