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Michael Schratter Spent the Last 15 Months in the Saddle Raising Awareness for Mental Illness, WELCOME HOME!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 12:12 PM

469 days is a long time to sit on a bicycle seat, but that is exactly what Michael Schratter did in a momentous effort to raise awareness of mental illness. We thought congratulation was due after his journey led him across 33 countries and six continents on a bicycle, something most of us wouldn’t dream of doing. But Michael did more than just dream, he made it a reality, an amazing demonstration of the power an idea can have.

Arriving back in Vancouver last Saturday the 42-year-old schoolteacher completed his dream of raising awareness of mental illness. There are many misconceptions and stigmas attached to the words “mental illness” and his ride and efforts bring them into the open where they can be confronted and dispelled. His ride also raised almost $70,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Awesome effort Michael and congratulations form all of us here at Axiom.

Check out the Ride Don’t Hide Website and read about Michael’s epic journey on his blog.

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