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Two Wheels Shape My Life

jeudi, août 5th, 2010 at 07:57

Sweet, speed embraced freedom
Nothing is as fast as me; two wheels speeding through concrete jungles
I am an urban warrior beating the rat race
As we dodge, duck and weave through a steel stampede, I can’t help but smile
A gap opens and I push the cranks harder just squeaking through

Mother Nature throws her worst at me
Wind whips my face and sheets of rain cascade down trying to hinder me, trying to crush my spirit
I am defiance:
I defy convention,
I defy stereotypes,
And I defy her cold grip to find pure exhilaration
I find focus in the speed, nothing can slow us down, and the rain chills my lips and splashes on my exposed teeth as I grin
Pedal Harder

Winding miles of twisted trails wrap their way around the desolate mountain side
My legs burn, heart pounding, lungs straining for air
Together we dance, my bike and I
Poetry in motion
Flowing, fluid movement, every ounce of energy moves me forward
Across vast landscapes I gorge on the sights, smells and sounds
Turn a corner and roll over the precipice
The descent begins, I dive into bliss

Living in these moments
Two wheels shape my life, my identity
Ups, downs, twists, turns, drops and leaps of faith
On my bicycle I find focus!
I find truth!
I find emotion!
This is my ride, my life and my passion
This is why I love my bike.

Something I wrote as a brochure intro, but it was too long so it never saw print. Rather than see the copy go to waste I thought I would post it here.


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