Les sacs Axiom et Circular Ocean soutiennent l’assainissement marin

novembre 30th, 2017

Chaque année, plus de huit millions de tonnes de plastiques sont jetées dans nos océans. Cette pratique détruit l’environnement, en plus de nuire aux industries maritimes dans le monde entier. Les sacoches Axiom Oceanweave sont les premières sacoches de vélo au monde à être fabriquées en filet de pêche recyclé, ce qui contribue à renverser […]

Compte-rendu des sacoches Tempest Hydracore d’Axiom

octobre 7th, 2016

La série Tempest d’Axiom est une solution de pointe pour les cyclistes toutes-saisons qui veulent des sacs très fonctionnels pour protéger leurs charges et les garder au sec, peu importe le temps qu’il fasse. Nous avons récemment envoyé une paire de sacoches Tempest Hydradore P27 à l’équipe de chroniqueurs chez Industry Outsider afin qu’ils les […]

Axiom bike gear now available in South Korea

juin 18th, 2013

Axiom Performance Gear is now available in Korea. When samples arrived at Bike Magazine (Korea) offices, reviewer Lee Jung Hyun grabbed his camera and took more than 75 photos of his unboxing.

Waterproof bike panniers compared: Tempest Monsoon, Typhoon, LX, DLX

février 22nd, 2013

Cycling in the rain? The designers at Axiom Performance Gear have got your back. And they’ve got your bags, too. The apt-named Tempest Series of waterproof bike panniers are expressly designed for cyclists like you: all-weather, all-season riders who aren’t afraid to get their tires wet. Both the Tempest Monsoon and Tempest Typhoon panniers load easily with […]

Axiom rack, bags, and pump reviewed in

décembre 6th, 2012

The U.K.’s offered a sneak peak of Axiom’s Axiom GrandTour panniers, Annihilateair pump, and Journey Uni-Fit rack in advance of the Core Bike show in January 2012.

Axiom Phoenix pannier racks: fusing function and style

janvier 7th, 2011

A rack is a rack except when it is more than a rack. Well, it is still a rack at that point but it is also something more. The Phoenix racks were designed and built to embody that something more: style. Many racks look like they are made from pieces of shoddy plumbing welded together […]

Axiom Phoenix LE Pannier Rack Review

septembre 14th, 2010

Thought I would share a recent review of our Axiom Phoenix LE Pannier rack from Here is a quick excerpt: « There seem to be hundreds if not thousands of pannier racks on the market these days. Some are purely inexpensive racks to haul the odd thing on, others touch touring racks and, well, the […]

Monsoon Pannier and Journey Rack Reviews

septembre 1st, 2009

Every once in a while magazines and websites will do reviews of our gear,  and I figure it’s time to start sharing them on our blog. We would love to know what you think so let us know if you enjoy having access to reviews here on the blog or not and if they are […]