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Photo Shoots: The Early Season Madness begins

jeudi, avril 21st, 2011 at 11:25

The bicycle season is upon us already, it seems like just yesterday that I was on a local ski hill, with spring a distant pondering in my mind. Yet, it is officially spring, May is only a hair over a week away and around here it is photo shoot season once again. To be honest this is a bit of a filler post, because it has been a while and I don’t want to let this blog drop by the wayside. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of posts just around the bend. Anyway, the other day we had a bit of a photo shoot, I wasn’t the photographer but I managed to snap a few pics while I was out and about as well so i thought, why not post a few, because everybody likes to look at pictures.

And incase you are wondering who our commuter model is, it is our very own Sandra Ross, who rides to work pretty much everyday of the year; rain, shine or any other weather that comes along. So here we go.

A little Birdy

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