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Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you should stop riding your bicycle.

vendredi, novembre 6th, 2009 at 13:14

Friday is here, thankfully, and even though Bike To Work week goes until Sunday, for most of us the work week is over, therefore negating the need to bike to work -obviously. But that doesn’t mean you should shove your bike back into the shed or hide it down in a dark corner of your basement and hop back in your car until the next bike to work week. Hopefully if you have been biking wherever you needed to go this week you now feel that you might park your car a little more often and get out and enjoy the ride. If you weren’t riding your bike this week, well, you probably have your reasons. Maybe you’ve seen others riding to work this week and now you might consider taking your bike to work the next sunny day you have.

Next week I’ll try and put up two posts, if the time presents itself, but that’s my goal. Look for a quick post on the virtues of warmers and covers (arms, knees, shoe etc…) and perhaps one on demystifying your derailleur’s.  Here are a couple more pictures from the week.

Happy Friday!


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