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Axiom sponsors H&R block road team

mercredi, janvier 26th, 2011 at 12:57

As it so happens riding a bike is a thirst inducing endeavor, much akin to licking the salt off of a large novelty pretzel, and yet very different at the same time. When one finds oneself on the saddle of a bicycle with a nagging urge to satisfy their thirst what better way than with Mother Nature’s best: water? Or maybe a Gatorade-like product – what happens when Mother Nature and science go for a night out – because they taste good and have electrolytes (which may be marketing speak for salt and sugar, but I have no basis for this claim, it’s only an assumption) none the less I think it is an improvement over just water.

What better way to get water or a brightly colored beverage than with a water bottle –okay I admit that a hydration pack is pretty descent too unless you are racing which brings me to my next point; holding the water bottle. Yes, a water bottle cage makes short work of this task. So when the H&R block road team – an excellent team that helps developing riders realize their potential – asked us to provide a solution to the problem of holding water bottles on their bicycles, we told them that we have just the thing, and a sponsorship was born.

2011 will be the second year that Axiom is providing the H&R block road team with water bottle cages, floor pumps and of course happy thoughts – all for free, yes, even the happy thoughts. This team of elite racers can be found competing in and often winning events around Canada, clad in matching spandex the team works to help young racers realize their potential both on a bicycle and in life and prepares them to make the leap to the big leagues of professional racing when they are ready. It is an excellent program and the team is made up of some of the very best and most talented racers in Canada, which makes us proud to help them any way we can.

If you find yourself in attendance of one of these races you will witness true racing goodness. And when you see a rider with a big flaming green square on their chests and a Norco bicycle under their butts watch them when they reach for they reach down and effortless pull their water bottles from the Axiom Helix Pro water bottle cages and enjoy the refreshing joy that was contained between its carbon fiber wings (the water bottle cages wings). We are giving the gift of true hydration awesomeness.

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