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Axiom Exterminateair mini floor bike pump in Mountain Bike Action

mercredi, janvier 30th, 2013 at 11:58

Axiom Exterminateair cycle pump in Mountain Bike Action magazine

In the March 2013 issue of Mountain Bike Action, reviewers think the high-volume Axiom Exterminateair HV mini pump is great for mountain bikers:

« Floor pumps are great, thanks to their ease of use and high-volume capacity. On the other hand, mini pumps go anywhere with you, ensuring that you always have a back-up plan when you are miles from the car. Axiom wanted the best of both worlds, so they created the Exterminateair HV.

« This mini floor pump can easily be carried in a hydration pack, but borrows many familiar features from their larger, garage-dwelling workhorses, such as an aluminum baseplate to stabilize the pump and a hose so you don’t have to bang your hand against your wheel as you race to get back on the trail. The body is CNC-machined aluminum, and the HV stands for “high volume,” making this a great pump for mountain bikers. The Exterminateair HV comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure it keeps going strong for years. »

Read specifications for the Axiom Exterminateair HV and other bike pumps by Axiom  at Axiom performance bike products  are available from selected cycle and sport dealers in Canada.

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