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Axiom pumps a favourite in Vélo Mag’s 2014 pump shootout!

Monday, December 8th, 2014 at 11:58 AM

14-11_Velomag1Checkout your local newsstand this month as Vélo Mag has released an indepth pump test, including reviews of Axiom’s own Terminateair HP and HV, Exterminateair HV, and Annihilateair G200LE.

Against tough competition, we’re thrilled that both the Exterminateair HV and Annihilateair G200A took home honorable mentions in the mini floor pump and floor pump categories!

Read on for excerpts from the article, translated into English:

A lot of air has gone under the bridge since our last pump shootout. Today’s new models are cheaper, while offering more performance than their older counterparts. So we rolled up our sleeves, selected 19 pumps that seemed to best represent the current market, and proceeded with the shootout.


Very good grip, easy to pump, reaches 85psi in 200 strokes without too much effort. The only model that went beyond 100psi (110psi). Ergonomical hose is flexible and leak-proof. Changes from Presta to Schrader with one simple click…


Requires many strokes, but offers little resistance during pumping. Nice grip, easy to install, easy to use. Ergonomical hose is flexible and leak-proof…


From Presta to Schrader in one simple click…


Nice design, adds charm to your workshop. Lock-on grips offer the right kind of grasp. Good solid base, featuring pedal pins like the kind you would find on flat mountain bike pedals. Our favorite gauge (easily readable). Bleed valve lets you fine tune pressure to optimal level…

Learn more about our range of pumps, including hand, mini floor, and floor pumps on our website, or at your local Axiom dealer.

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