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Axiom Flip-Flop DLX rear bicycle rack featured in UK’s Cycle Commuter

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 02:16 PM

Love your bike, but recognize that it falls short when it comes to eyelets for mounting racks or fenders? No need to despair!  Axiom’s Flip-Flop DLX rack is one of our many options for bikes lacking eyelets or braze-ons.  The adjustable quick-release clamp mounts the rack to just about any seat post (25.4mm-33mm), enabling you to snap on your panniers and hit the road backpack-free.

The Flip Flop gets its name from a unique design feature that enables the user to mount the main support mast in either a high or low position – making the rack compatible with a wide range of frame sizes and designs.

Check out the Flip-Flop, featured in Cycle Commuter’s Spring/Summer 2014 edition, here.  Plus you can find more of our ingenious rack solutions, such as the Journey Uni-Fit rack, here.

Ditch your backpack or messenger bag and let your bike do the heavy lifting – your back and shoulders will thank you!


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