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Annihilateair, Kompressair, Terminateair, and Exterminateair bike pump review by

Friday, October 19th, 2012 at 12:14 PM

Annihilateair, Kompressair, Terminateair, and Exterminateair bike pumps by Axiom Performance Gear on MTBR.comLas Vegas, NV—Reviewer Gregg Kato of visited the Axiom Performance Gear booth at Interbike, the bike industry’s trade show to check out 2013’s pumps. The Kompressair floor pump, the Terminateair hand pump with hose, and the Exterminateair mini floor pump, received a full spec check, and the Annihilateair floor pump really caught his attention.

Says, “Axiom has been making bike accessories for 25 years. They make commuter and touring based items such as racks and panniers and fenders, but they also make some pretty cool tools and pumps. Highlighted here are a few of the new 2013 products from Axiom including the Annihilateair floor pump that features lock-on grips and pedal pin styled base! How cool is that?Read review in

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Axiom Performance Gear has been designing innovative cycling accessories in Canada since 1988. City, commuter, and travel gear includes pannier bags, racks, baskets, pumps, tools, and fenders. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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