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Adventure Cyclist review: Axiom’s touring bike rack

Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 04:12 PM

Adventure Cyclist August-September 2013 coverIn the August-September issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine* (published for the 46,500 members of the U.S.-based Adventure Cycling Association), gear editor Mike Deme praised the Journey Uni-Fit MK3 rear rack by Axiom Gear for its fit, strength, materials, and versatility.

Les Journey Uni-Fit de cyclotourisme en chromoly et en aluminium sont de qualité personnalisée

Dans l’édition août-septembre du magazine Adventure Cyclist* (une publication américaine dédiée aux 46 500 membres du Adventure Cycling Association), le chroniqueur d’équipement Mike Deme avoue être fort impressionné par la solidité, l’adaptabilité et les matériaux de fabrication du porte-bagages arrière Journey Uni-Fit MK3. — Lire plus en français.

“For the vast majority of us, purchasing non-custom bike racks is the most viable option, and one of the good ones currently available is the Axiom Journey Uni-Fit. The Uni-Fit comes in three configurations: the MK3 cro-moly steel (32 oz., $120), the MK3 aluminum (30 oz., $65), and the MK2 aluminum (26 oz., $55).

“Steel racks are generally considered a better option than aluminum for rugged terrain for many reasons: Steel is 66 percent stronger pound for pound; it has natural memory meaning it will return to its original shape when flexed; it has a lower rate of fatigue meaning it resists flexing better; and steel tends to bend and stretch when impacted while aluminum tears and breaks. In addition it’s also an easier material to repair in the field.

Axiom Journey Uni-Fit bike rack review in Adventure Cyclist

MK3 design of the Axiom Journey Uni-Fit bike rack, in Adventure Cyclist magazine.

“The differences between the MK2 and the MK3 is that the MK3 has a lower second rail which allows you to mount your panniers lower on the rack and also has a third rear stay which increases support. The Journey Uni-Fit really shines in its flexibility. The rack comes with two top mounting options: Versalock arms that attach to seatpost or frame eyelets or a single arm that attaches to your caliper or fender bridge. At the bottom, the Uni-Fit incorporates adjustable feet that allow you to mount the bottom of the rack to brazed-on eyelets or to your axle skewer. The feet also come in two sizes so the base of the rack can be mounted closer or further back providing additional foot clearance.

“This flexibility also means the Uni-Fit can be used with almost any frame or bikes with disc brakes. In addition the Uni-Fit is powder coated, can handle loads up to 110 lbs., is double welded by hand, and features a rear light mount. If you’re looking for a rear rack to meet the challenges of your next tour, the Axiom Journey Uni-Fit is an excellent option. Check out the video on their website.”

Read specifications for the Axiom Performance Gear Journey Uni-Fit MK3 Aluminum bike rack, Journey Uni-Fit MK3 Chromo bike rack, and the Journey Uni-Fit MK2 bike rack . Axiom Gear cycling racks, carriers, and cargo accessories are available from selected bike shops and sport dealers around the world. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

* “Geared Up,” by Mike Deme, was originally published in the August/September 2013 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine, the member publication of the Adventure Cycling Association. For more information, visit: Copyright 2013 by Adventure Cycling Association.


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