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3 ways to carry small stuff on a bike ride

Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 03:25 PM

Riding a long, fast day ride? Want to carry a few items without a backpack or bike panniers? Keep the essentials close at hand with three compact bike bags from Axiom Performance Gear. All the bags are slim and streamlined and stay out of your way when you pedal.

Vous planifiez une longue sortie de vélo durant le jour? Vous voulez apporter quelques items sans vous encombrer d’un sac à dos ni de sacoches de vélo? Gardez vos objets importants près de vous grâce aux trois modèles de sacs compacts pour vélos d’Axiom Performance Gear. Tous ces sacs sont spécialement conçus pour ne pas gêner vos mouvements lors d’une sortie de vélo.  Lire plus en français.

Norco bicycle with bag on stem, under seat, and in frame

Look, no racks! You can use the seat, frame, and top tube of your bike to carry small items. These types of bags are popular with randonneurs, road riders, group riders, and charity riders. Shown here: the Granfondo seat bag, Cascade frame bag, and SmartBag top tube bag, all by Axiom Performance Gear.

1. Under your bike’s saddle

Axiom H20 bike seat bag

A seat bag (or saddle bag) attaches to the rails of your saddle with a bracket or strap. It uses the space along the length of your seatpost for vertical storage. Great for water bottles. a small lunch, or a light jacket. Shown: Axiom Granfondo H20 DLX, $60*

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2. Inside your bike’s frame

Axiom Cascase 1.2 bike frame bag

A frame bag is the same width as your bike’s tubes. It attaches inside the unused space of the triangle of your bike with straps. Easy to access while you’re riding, use the frame bag for snack bars, your mobile phone, or arm warmers. Shown: Axiom Cascade 1.2, $20*

3. On your bike’s top tube

Axiom SmartBag Touch bike bag for phones

A top tube bag attaches to the top, horizontal area of your bike frame, behind the handlebars. The slim pockets are great for a wallet, sunglasses, and even your mobile phone. Shown: Axiom SmartBag Touch, $20*

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Watch the Grandfondo bike bags in action (3:04):

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