Vélo Mag teste le Streamliner Disc DLX et les Typhoon Aero DLX 45 d’Axiom

août 26th, 2014

Dans son édition de juin, le magazine Vélo Mag se penche sur quelques solutions de transport pour votre vélo, y compris deux des meilleurs vendeurs d’Axiom! Ils le surnomment le meilleur porte-bagages « pour aller vite ». Le Streamliner Disc DLX domine la compétition grâce à sa conception légère et aérodynamique, ainsi que sa robustesse incroyable. À […]

Le porte-bagages arrière Flip-Flop DLX d’Axiom mentionné dans le magazine britannique Cycle Commuter

juin 2nd, 2014

Vous aimez votre vélo, mais il manque d’œillets pour installer des porte-bagages ou des garde-boue? Réjouissez-vous! Le porte-bagages Flip-Flop DLX d’Axiom est l’une de nos nombreuses options pour les vélos dépourvus d’œillets traditionnels ou soudés. Grâce à sa fixation à déblocage rapide, il se fixe sur presque n’importe quelle tige de selle (25,4 mm à 33 mm). […]

Sorties d’employés : Traboulay PoCo Trail à Port Coquitlam, Colombie-Britannique

avril 15th, 2014

Tous les employés chez Axiom/Live To Play Sports sont passionnés de cyclisme et de plein air, qu’il s’agisse d’une sortie le long de routes panoramiques, d’un trajet sur une selle de vélo de montagne en arrière-pays ou en pleine exploration urbaine! Avec plus de 140 employés partout au Canada, nous sommes heureux de partager des […]

Adventure Cyclist review: Axiom’s touring bike rack

août 12th, 2013

In the August-September issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine, gear editor Mike Deme praises the steel and aluminum Journey Uni-Fit MK3 rear racks as a good alternative to custom.

Bicycle Times reviews Journey Uni-Fit bike rack

août 2nd, 2013

Bicycle Times gear reviewer Shannon Mominee recently mounted an Axiom Journey Uni-Fit MK3 rear rack to her bike and thought it was a great fit. “Overall, the Journey Uni-Fit is a well-designed rack that should please beginner and veteran commuters alike.”

Journey Uni-Fit bike rack review in Canadian Cycling Magazine

juillet 25th, 2013

Reviewer Gus Alexandropoulos of Canadian Cycling Magazine praises Axiom Gear’s Journey Uni-Fit MK3 rear bike rack for fit, versatility, and quality.

Waterproof bike panniers compared: Tempest Monsoon, Typhoon, LX, DLX

février 22nd, 2013

Cycling in the rain? The designers at Axiom Performance Gear have got your back. And they’ve got your bags, too. The apt-named Tempest Series of waterproof bike panniers are expressly designed for cyclists like you: all-weather, all-season riders who aren’t afraid to get their tires wet. Both the Tempest Monsoon and Tempest Typhoon panniers load easily with […]

Lighten up, get the right lights for your riding.

février 7th, 2011

Rob, one of the tech’s here is what I would call a die-hard commuter; rain or shine he rides to work almost every day of the year. If you were to pass Rob while driving to work you couldn’t help but notice him because he is covered in lights, much like a very bright holiday […]

Cycling has a lot going for; its getting easier to become a cyclist every day.

janvier 13th, 2011

Cycling has a lot going for it: its great exercise, a quick way to get around a city, less expensive than a car, pollutes less than other forms of transportation and an awesome way to experience the full gamut of sense provoking sights, sounds and smells that the world holds around us. So here’s a […]

Bike to Work Week: Update

novembre 4th, 2009

The van rolled up just after six am. As I opened my front door the cold air slapped me in the face, snapping me awake. I was already looking forward to the warming powers of a nice hot cup, or three, of coffee. I hopped into the Norco van and we headed out to find […]